Doctorate in Applied and Engineering Physics
Edition 2017/18  

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CodeUnivProject TitleDomainVenueSupervisors

001Laser micromachining of optical fiber-based sensorsInstrumentationLaboratorio de Óptica, Lasers e Sistemas, Dep. Física, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de LisboaJoão Miguel Pinto Coelho, Paulo António Martins Ferreira Ribeiro
002Fiber Optic Sensors for e-Health ArchitecturesOptical technologyI3N-Aveiro Paulo Fernando da Costa Antunes, Hugo Humberto Plácido da Silva
00350W/m2 collection efficiency continuous-wave solar-pumped laser with a ring-array concentratorOptical technologyCEFITECDawei Liang, Paulo J. Morais
004Doping engineering for tailoring nitride nanostructures towards efficient solid state emittersOptical technologyI3N AveiroMaria Rosário Correia, Nabiha Ben Sedrine, João Cascalheira
005Highly sensitive Organic Photosensor for advanced wireless light communicationOptical technologyCICECOHelena Alves, Susana Freitas
006On the frontier of neutron detection technology: development of 10B-lined thin-gap RPCsInstrumentationLIP-CoimbraAndrey Morozov, Luis Margato
007Development of an X-ray spectrometer for measurements of electron impact ionization cross sections of highly charged ionsInstrumentationLIBPhys-UNLMauro antónio Moreira Guerra, José Paulo Moreira dos Santos
008UV detection in outdoors applications using Gaseous PhotomultipliersInstrumentationLibPhys - UCFernando Domingues Amaro, Carlos Davide da Rocha Azevedo
009High Accuracy Primary Laser Vibration Metrology at High Frequency RegimesMetrologyLaboratory of Optics, Lasers and Systems; of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of LisbonAlexandre Pereira Cabral , Maria Isabel de Araújo Godinho
010Neuromorphic nano-optoelectronic circuits for signal processingOptical technologyCENTRA/SIM José Figueiredo
012Polarimetry with e-ASTROGAM Space ObservatoryInstrumentationLaboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas, CoimbraRui Miguel Curado da Silva, Jorge Manuel Maia Pereira
013Study of electronic and optical properties of liquid xenon as detector mediumInstrumentationLIP-CoimbraVitaly Chepel (Tchepel)
014New methods for radon and radon progeny detectionInstrumentationLIP-LisbonLuis Peralta, João Veloso
015High-resolution spectrometry and modeling of stellar plasmasRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesLIBPhys-UNLPedro Amaro, José Crespo López-Urrutia, José Marques
016System for storage of hydrogen as an energy carrierEnabling technologiesCFisUC, Department of Physics, University of CoimbraJoão Manuel de Sá Campos Gil
017Accessing Elemental Chemical Speciation in Geological Pristine Samples by High Resolution X-ray based Total-IBARadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesLIBPhysJoão Duarte Neves Cruz, Miguel Adrião Mateus dos Reis
018Development of a state-of-the-art energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer for in vivo toxic elements quantificationInstrumentationLIBPhys-UNLMauro antónio Moreira Guerra, José Paulo Moreira dos Santos
019Advanced algorithms for the real time balancing of the energy supply, demand and storage towards the optimization of Energy Communities supported by Virtual Power Plants systemsInstrumentationVirtual Power Solutions, S.A.Jorge Afonso Landeck, José Basílio Simões
020Development of a state-of-the-art double crystal wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for nanolayered samples characterizationInstrumentationLIBPhys-UNLMauro antónio Moreira Guerra, José Paulo Moreira dos Santos
021Development of a prototype for tomography and surveying using comic ray muonsRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesLIP – Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de PartículasDaniel Galaviz Redondo, Lorenzo Cazon Boado, Sofia Andringa Dias
022Human implants processed by selective laser meltingEnabling technologiesI3N-Physycs Department - Aveiro UniversityManuel Pedro Fernandes Graca, João Paulo Miranda Ribeiro Borges, Alice Marciel
023Active focal plane for image stabilizationInstrumentationLaboratory of Optics, Lasers and Systems; of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of LisbonManuel Adler Abreu, João Branco
024Development of a high voltage system for the ATLAS Tilecal calorimeter and performance tests with high energy particlesInstrumentationFaculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Ed. C8, Campo Grande, Lisboa.Guiomar Gaspar de Andrade Evans, Agostinho da Silva Gomes
025Band gap Engineering and Interface Defect Passivation Strategies for High Efficiency Thin Film Kesterite (Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4) Solar CellsEnabling technologiesI3N - Aveiro, Thin Film and Photovoltaics Research LaboratoryAntónio Ferreira da Cunha
027Magnetically activated biomaterials for osseointegration enhancement Enabling technologiesI3N-Physycs Department - Aveiro UniversityManuel Pedro Fernandes Graca, João Paulo Miranda Ribeiro Borges, Eduardo da Fonseca Pestana Ascenso Pires
028Development of a “local sensing/remote interrogation” optical device for temperature measurements in harsh environments using the phosphorescence intensity ratio methodOptical technologyI3N - Polo de AveiroLuis Miguel Rino Cerveira da Silva, Ricardo Sousa e Silva
029Towards a standard for an ionisation vacuum gaugeInstrumentationCentre for Physics and Technological Research (CEFITEC), Surface Science and Vacuum Technology GroupOrlando M.N.D. Teodoro, Nenad Bundaleski
030Industrial relevant electrical passivation of thin films solar cell interfacesEnabling technologiesPedro Salome, Ana Gomes Silva, Paulo Fernandes
031Determination of fundamental atomic parameters for radiation metrologyRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesLIBPhys-UNL previously known as Centre for Atomic PhysicsJorge Miguel Sampaio, Mauro Guerra
032Event reconstruction and background modelling in the LZ Dark Matter experimentRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesLIP-CoimbraVladimir Solovov, Cláudio Frederico Pascoal da Silva
033Data processing and Human Machine Interface for the monitoring and control system of LZ dark matter experimentInstrumentationLIP-CoimbraVladimir Solovov, Cláudio Frederico Pascoal da Silva
034A standard free methodology for Proton-Induced Gamma-Ray Emission (PIGE) SpectrometryRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesLIBPhysMaria Adelaide de Almeida Pedro de Jesus, Maria Micaela Leal da Fonseca
035Developement of advanced signal processing and data analysis algorithms for the LZ dark matter search experimentInstrumentationLIPAlexandre Lindote, Francisco Neves
036Development of an automated system for welding quality control in the automotive industryInstrumentationLIBPhys-UNLMauro antónio Moreira Guerra, Ana Luísa Monteiro da Silva, Rui Esteves
037Combined Energy Dispersive High Resolution X-ray Fluorescence and Particle Induced Spectrometries for Interfaces and Speciation StudiesRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesLaboratório de Instrumentação em Engenharia Biomédia e Física da Radiação- LIBPhys-UNLMaria Luisa Carvalho Leonardo, Miguel Adrião Mateus dos Reis
038Hadronic Calorimetry for CERN’s Future Circular Collider ExperimentsInstrumentationLIPRicardo Gonçalo, João Veloso, Amélia Maio
039Development of jet trigger algorithms for the High Luminosity Upgrades of the ATLAS detector at the LHC/CERNInstrumentationLIP/FCULRicardo Gonçalo, Patricia Conde Muino
040Development of a Compton Camera for Nuclear Medical ImagingInstrumentationRadiation Detection and Medical Imaging (DRIM) group I3N – Aveiro and Physics Department of University of Aveiro;Carlos Davide da Rocha Azevedo, Fernando Domingues Amaro
042Assessment of easyPET performance: NEMA NU 4-2008 standards and animal modelInstrumentationi3N AveiroJoão Filipe Calapez de Albuquerque Veloso, Ana Cristina Aguiar Santos, Ismael Filipe Castro
043Coupling Atomic Force Microscopy with Fluorescence MicroscopyInstrumentationBIOISI/FCULMario Silveira Rodrigues, Rui Malhó, Louis Pacheco
044Signal and data processing for the detection of Gravitational Waves as a signal extraction problemInstrumentationCENTRAAndré Maria da Silva Dias Moitinho de Almeida, Alberto Garcez de Oliveira Krone Martins