Doctorate in Applied and Engineering Physics
Edition 2017/18  

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School DAEPHYS 2017


Scientific Instrumentation:
Technologies and Fundamentals



3rd DAEPHYS PhD student Workshop


Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa Portugal

School: July 18-20, 2017; Workshop: July 21, 2017


Local: Campus FCUL

Anfiteatros:   1.4.14 nos dias 18 e 19 (C1, piso 4)

                       C1.3.15 nos dias 20 e 21 (C1, piso 3)


The Doctoral Program in Applied and Engineering Physics (DAEPHYS) is an FCT funded PhD program involving four Portuguese Universities - UA, UC, UL and UNL".


In 2017, DAEPHYS holds its annual School in Lisboa, being dedicated to Scientific Instrumentation: Technologies and Fundamentals.  The School is followed by a PhD Student Workshop. These two events aim to provide a opportunity for PhD students under DAEPHYS Program and other related PhD Programs to meet and discuss their research work and to expand their knowledge to different topics of Applied and Engineering Physics.


The School will include topics such as:


       Industry and innovation

       Electronics in instrumentation

       Sensors in Physics

       Metrology in the development of Instrumentation

       Technics for surface characterization

       Magnetic characterization

       Image Processing

       Terahertz electronics

       Infrared Instrumentation


The main aim of the workshop is to offer an opportunity to the PhD students of Applied and Engineering Physics to present and discuss their research work among colleagues.  The workshop also includes two keynote talks provided by high-level experts.


For DAEPHYS students, both the School and the Workshop constitute an essential part of their PhD program.


Both events are also opened to PhD students of other related PhD Programs and last year Master’s students. PhD students at all stages (beginning, middle or end) should find plenty to interest and benefit them.  Masters students about to get their degree are also welcome to apply.


The school welcomes 30 students.  The workshop has no limited number of participants.

Participation in the School and/or Workshop is free of charge (no registration fee).


To register to the school and/or workshop and submit an abstract for presentation at the workshop proceed to registration form.


The DAEPHYS PhD students have accommodation at a student residence of University of Lisboa, meals at the student’s restaurant (from July 18-21) and travel expenses (by train in touristic class or bus) covered by DAEPHYS Program.


DAEPHYS School&Workshop 2017 receives financial support from FCT through the PhD FCT Programs initiative.




- Registration submission in DAEPHYS School 2017: June 30, 2017

- Abstract submission for presentations at the Workshop: June 30, 2017.

- Workshop registration: June 30, 2017.


Due to the limited number of places for the School, a selection committee will select up to 30 students. The selected students will then be asked for confirming the registration by email to by July 7.




The school offers theoretical and experimental talks/lectures together with hands on sessions on atomic and nuclear analysis methods and their applications. The talks in the first two days aim to provide the background required to the hands-on sessions. The presentations are given by high-level experts in the topics covered by the School.


The school program is structured as follows:


Local Anfiteatros:   1.4.14 nos dias 18 e 19 (C1, piso 4)

                                 C1.3.15 nos dias 20 e 21 (C1, piso 3)


3ª Feira , 18 de Julho

feira, 19 de Julho

5ª Feira, 20 de Julho

feira, 21 de Julho



Emiss.&Det. Terahertz (5) J.Figueiredo, U.Algarve

Magnetometria SQUID(2)  Margarida Cruz, FCUL

Apresentações Alunos


Opening and welcome

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Sensores em Física (3)
Manuel Abreu,FCUL

Eletrónica em Física (4)
José S. Augusto, FCUL

Proc. Sup. por Laser (1)

Olinda Conde,FCUL

Apresentações Alunos


Metrologia e Inst. (6)
 Alexandre Cabral,FCUL

A.Vazquez, Caixa Capital

Inst. de Infravermelho (8)

Paulo Gordo,FCUL










Desenvolvimentos na Embraer Sérgio Carvalho


Apresentações Alunos


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Palestra ao fim da tarde

Palestra ao fim da tarde

Palestra ao fim da tarde

Palestra ao fim da tarde

Product Development @Bosch Braga (9)
Rui Barros

Proc. Ima. Satélites (10)


Instr. & Ciencia. (11)

Pedro Vieira, FCT U.N.Lis

Prémios/Poster Alunos




(1)         Processamento de Superfícies por Laser

(2)          Magnetometria SQUID

(3)        Sensores em Física

(4)        Eletrónica em Física com aplicações à Física de Altas Energias

(5)        Radiação Terahertz: emissores e detetores compactos

(6)        Metrology in the development of Instrumentation: the example of optical length measurements

(7)        Technology2Business @ Caixa Capital

(8)        Construção de instrumentos para observação no infravermelho

(9)        Product Development @Bosch Braga

(10)    Processamento moderno de imagens astronômicas (Satélites)

(11)    Da Ciência à Instrumentação e da Instrumentação à Ciência



The hands on sessions include:

·      "Nanopartículas magnéticas" – Prof. Maragrida Cruz (2 x 3)

·      “Microscopia de força atómica e técnicas relacionadas” – Miguel Vitorino e Prof. Mario Silva (3 x 5)

·      Elaboração de um alvo fino e seu controlo por técnica nucleares-  Prof. Luís Peralta e Daniel Galaviz, FCUL (3x5), Quarta dia 19 pelas 14:30 Lab .

·      Sensores e micro-controladores, Porf. José Soares Augusto e Guiomar Evens, FCUL

·      Integração e caracterização de um sensor de frente de onda tipo SharckHartman - Bruno Couto e Prof. António Amorim (3x3)

·      Visita à incubadora de empresas TECLABS – FCUL, Bruno Santos (3x7) Quinta, dia 20, 14:30, Teclabs/FCUL.

·      Hands on CAD e simulação de elementos finitos para instrumentos criogénicos, Prof. António Amorim




The Workshop aims to provide a forum for the PhD Students and last year Master students to present their research work (already going on or only planned).


The program also includes one keynote talk per day provided by a high-level expert on one of the topics covered by the workshop.


The deadline for abstract submission for student oral presentations is June 30. The authors will be notified before July 7.


The number of participants in the workshop is not limited.




The registration for the DAEPHYS  School or/and workshop on “Scientific Instrumentation: Technologies and Fundamentals” is open until June 30


To register in the School and/or Workshop, with or without submission of abstract, proceed to registration form.



The School and Workshop will take place at the Physics Department of University of Lisboa, Edificio C1, anfiteatros do piso 4 e piso 3.


Detailed information on how to reach the Physics Department, including a map, may be found at .




All the School participants have accommodation from 18 to 21 July at a student residence of University of Lisboa in double rooms covered by the organization. Due to limitations of the student residence the students may have to share the room with another student from the University of Lisboa.


For the Workshop (18-21 July), the DAEPHYS PhD students have accommodation at the same University residence covered by the DAEPHYS Program.  Workshop participants that are not DAEPHYS students can apply for accommodation in the same University Residence free of charge.


Alternatively, the participants can look for accommodation in several good price hotels. The support from the DAEPHYS will be similar to the university residence costs.



Meals can be taken at the student’s restaurant or several other small restaurants around Physics Department.


The DAEPHYS PhD students have meals at the student’s restaurant from 18 to 21 July covered by the organization.